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David Copperfield | Las Vegas Magician

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David Copperfield Show

David Copperfield | Magic Show

Experience this show full of mysterious and ingeniously developed illusions. David Copperfield is known as one of the most mesmerizing magicians in the world. See for yourself how he has forever changed the art form of magic – you won’t regret it.

Times and Location

Location: MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Show Length: Approximately 90 minutes


David Copperfield is a household name in the world of magic.

His show offers the perfect combo of magic, nostalgia and also showmanship. This master illusionist wows his audiences over and over again.

This show is just baffling enough to strengthen your belief in the supernatural. It also forces you to wonder whether or not someone could actually separate their legs from their torso and live to tell the story.

No one knows how he pulls off these incredible tricks, but that’s okay. We’ll keep attending the show and try to increase our chances of being selected for the audience participation portion! Let’s take a moment to be real.

Thus, nothing is beyond his capabilities. If you don’t believe us, check out Copperfield’s performance for yourself and try your best to figure out his illusions and tricks. Lastly, just know that we’ll be insanely jealous if you end up on stage.

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