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KÀ an Epic Show

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KÀ an Epic Show

KÀ an Epic Show

From start to finish, you’ll be on the edge of your seat during KA. This epic Cirque du Soleil production provides dynamic and adventure that you have to experience to believe.

Times and Location

Location: MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Show Length: Approximately 90 minutes



There is a Cirque du Soleil production available for almost any interest, personality, and mood.

With “KA,” the action loving, thrill seeking show goer finally has the perfect Las Vegas show to enjoy and those who have the ability to appreciate a good old fashioned struggle between good and evil will have a lot to take in.

The story line of the show is designed to illustrate the unique journey of a twin brother/sister duo that is eventually separated when their Far Eastern palace experiences an untimely siege from evil warriors.

Yep, you have guessed it, this is a classic royal battle, everyone and this incredible show does not hesitate to pull out all of the stops.

As an added bonus, the entire theater is designed in a manner that fits the theme. N matter where your gaze might take you, you are always going to be looking at the set. Do you like that? Because you’re definitely going to love this: the stage is constructed with two expansive platforms that move and float.

Not only that, but they can also turn completely vertical! That noise that you just heard that was the sound of our minds being completely blown.

The suspended fight scenes are also a thing of beauty. For example, The Wheel of Death has been firmly positioned on the ground, allowing the daredevil performer repeatedly flings himself at increasingly dangerous heights.

Battle aficionados will find endless entertainment and KA offers an experience that takes audiences to a whole new level without ever leaving their seats!

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