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Las Vegas Balloon Ride

Prices from $275
Vegas Balloon Ride

Las Vegas Balloon Ride

Vegas Balloon Rides invites you to view Las Vegas as you’ve never seen it before! Get carried away in a Hot Air Balloon adventure, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. During your flight you will get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the gorgeous Red Rock Mountains and the famous Las Vegas Strip. You will drift silently over the city and countryside where you will watch for wildlife and talk with envious onlookers down below. After drifting serenely for approximately an hour, we prepare for landing.

On landing, a traditional champagne toast is held to celebrate your wonderful adventure.

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Times and Location

Times: Weekday Monday to Thursday -AM
Weekend Friday to Sunday – AM
Duration: Approximately 3 to 4 hours
Departing: Las Vegas
Destination: 4390 Polaris Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89103


  • Vegas Balloon Rides Welcome Centre is about a 5 minute taxi ride from the strip.
  • On the day of your balloon flight, meet us at your designated location to begin your hot air balloon ride adventure in Vegas.
  • Our hot air balloon adventure begins when you meet your pilot and flight crew.
  • Our passengers and pilots meet approximately a 1/2 hour before sunrise.
  • Passengers are then transported to our launch location where they will watch in awe as the hot air balloons are inflated like a colorful canopy.
  • After a safety briefing, our passengers embark on an experience of a lifetime.
  • Approximately an hour later we will land and enjoy a champagne toast while sharing memories and stories of ballooning.
  • Passengers are then returned to our welcome centre or their individual hotels.
  • Let the amazing adventure begin and get ready for your morning take off! Please plan 3-4 hours for the complete adventure.


  • On landing, a traditional champagne toast is held to celebrate your wonderful adventure.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

Need To Know

As ballooning is weather dependent, we have to cancel your flight if conditions are not safe. If your flight is canceled, you simply reschedule either online or by phone, for another date that suits your schedule. Sometimes passengers can be canceled a few times before being able to fly. If you have tried a few times during the flight season and have not been successful going ‘Up Up & Away’, we simply extend your vouchers until you are able to get onto a successful flight.


Las Vegas, Nevada is known for being a bright and bold city that never sleeps. With renowned resorts filled with gambling, restaurants, shopping and of course nightlife, there is never a lack of opportunity to have some fun! Choose to take a hot air balloon ride in Las Vegas for some adrenaline-filled excitement. This once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride will give you a never-before-seen view of Las Vegas and a chance to try something new! Fly over the?city and find your ‘in air’ serenity! Meet our friendly staff and trusted pilots while you soar the sky! Get ready to fly with your friends and meet others in the air! After all, Vegas is full of people looking to have a great time!


+ Additional Information

• Special clothing is not required for hot air ballooning. We always suggest practical wear, such as long pants, a light jacket, a hat and no sandals or high heels. Also, we do not fly high enough for a change in temperature so plan to dress for the temperature of the day.
• We encourage it. Some of the greatest pictures of the surrounding area can be taken from 500 feet in the air. Don’t forget to bring batteries for your camera and a protective case for landing.

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