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Michael Jackson ONE The Best Tribute | Cirque Du Soleil Show

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Michael Jackson ONE The Best Tribute | Cirque Du Soleil Show

Michael Jackson ONE The Best Tribute | Cirque Du Soleil Show

The King of Pop is a Las Vegas icon. This tribute show is full of energy and all of the best Michael Jackson hits. Its flashy style and capability to capture the audience from beginning to end truly honors this popstar’s memory.

Times and Location

Location: Mandalay Bay Theatre, Mandalay Bay
Show Length: Approximately 90 minutes


Those who still rock their hat ever so slightly to the side and keep one glove on them at all times have definitely come to the right place.

“Michael Jackson ONE” is one of the top shows under the Cirque umbrella. It offers one of the most immersive Michael Jackson shows on the Strip and is an absolute must see for anyone who consider themselves a fan of his work.

It is all about the song and dance here, as well as the mega icon who was responsible for providing it all. There is no better way to celebrate the life and times of this super-duper star who is responsible for creating so much musical history and it is only fitting that the performance effects are all larger than life.

This electrifying show offers a whole new meaning to the phrase “Lights, Camera, Action!” and ONE stuns the audience with far more than just these three demands.

This show is about as action packed as possible. The plot follows a group of four friends as they embark on a quest that will pit good against evil. Solidarity and belief in one’s self are just a few of themes that are touched on. The audience takes a deep dive into the vibrant world of Michael Jackson.

For those who are looking for the perfect way to pay homage to the King of Pop, this show simply cannot be beat!

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