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Nathan Burton Las Vegas Comedy Magic Show

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Nathan Burton Las Vegas Comedy Magic Show

Families who wish to enjoy an afternoon of wholesome entertainment, incredible illusions, and hilarious comedy should check out the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show. His friendly personality and mind bending illusions have captivated Las Vegas audiences ever since his first headlining stint on the Strip 16 years ago.

Times and Location

Location: Saxe Theater, Planet Hollywood
Show Length: Approximately 70 minutes


Nathan appeared on the NBC show “The World’s Wildest Magic” back in 1996. This is where he would first begin to wow audiences with his unique blend of magic and comedy.

Thanks to the overwhelming response that his performances and the show received, he made a second appearance on the network in 1997 on the special “World’s Greatest Magic 3.”

E! Entertainment’s Wayne Newton reality vehicle “The Entertainer” also provided a showcase for Burton’s magic in 2005. Later in that same year, he debuted his show,  “Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge.” Other fans of reality television might remember Burton from the first season of the NBC smash “America’s Got Talent.”

On with the show…

Several of the illusions that Burton deploys throughout the course of the show have been based on narratives that took place during his childhood years.

He laments that he did not have a truly efficient way to cover houses in toilet paper with his friends as a youth. Thus, he unveils a brand new toilet paper sprayer, much to the delight of his younger audience members.

At one point during the show, he makes the illustrations come to life on an oversized sketchpad….right in front of your very eyes!

While some illusions are simple and some are elaborate, they are all equally amazing. Burton tells the audience about his favorite boyhood toys. Meanwhile, a Barbie doll box is wheeled out onto the stage. All it takes is one wave of the hand for a life size Barbie to appear in front of you.

You will also be spellbound by Burton’s BBQ of Death trick. He’s placed inside of a grill and handcuffed to the inside while the lid is closed. If you want to see whether Burtone emerges no worse for the wear, check this show for yourself.

Audience members are selected throughout the show to assist him on stage.  His Comedy Magic Show creates an atmosphere of pure fun the entire family can enjoy!

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