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Penn & Teller

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Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller have completely redefined magic. Join in on the fun and excitement of this Las Vegas show. With this unpredictable duo, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat.

Times and Location

Location: Rio Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Show Length: Approximately 90 minutes


The audience is never supposed to be told how a trick is completed. They certainly aren’t supposed to see the preparation that takes place beforehand. Lastly, any magician who is still performing the same old classic cups and balls gag with a set of transparent cups is considered to be a hack of the worst degree.

However, Penn and Teller not only manage to break every single one of these unwritten rules of magic during their incredible show and it still remains one of the top shows in the city to this day.

This amazing duo offers their signature brand of irreverent magic at the Rio Hotel and much like any other amazing duo, Penn and Teller combine all of their strengths and weaknesses to create the perfect storm of entertainment, comedy and magic.

Enjoy the Magic!

Penn (the tall and lanky fellow, for those who may have been living under a rock) provides the narration, offering a hilarious running commentary on all of the events that are taking place.

Meanwhile, Teller is responsible for the majority of the show’s action and he does not utter a single word. They use classic magic elements and sleight of hand, but most of the tricks are innovative, while often bordering on macabre.

This act swallows needles and throws knives. They let the audience in on some tricks, while others maintain their sense of mystery and leave audiences completely in the dark. This is a classic Las Vegas show and an absolute must see. Consider it a rite of passage!

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