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Sexxy – Las Vegas Topless Show on The Strip

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Sexxy Topless Revue

Sexxy – Las Vegas Topless Show

Sexxy – A Topless Revue is one of the hottest shows on the strip! This show is equally as sexy and enjoyable for both men and women. The various skits, dances, and interactions will arouse and leave you wanting more. 18+

Times and Location

Location: Westgate Cabaret, Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino
Show Length: Approximately 60 minutes


Sexxy is the newest topless revue in Las Vegas and when you are looking for things to do in Las Vegas that are a little bit off the beaten path, why not come check a performance that features some of the most sensual and sultry ladies in town.

This undoubtedly erotic revue flaunts all of the best assets of their seductresses, as these six exotic beauties shimmy and jiggle their way through a series of high energy numbers.

Jennifer Romas is your host for the evening and she also serves as the show’s choreographer. Once you have entered the Shimmer Cabaret, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible transformation that is about to take place.

Thrill Rides

This seemingly nondescript showroom will soon become a thrill ride and a land where all of your most naughty fantasies can come true. Over the course of 60 super sexy minutes, we offer a setting where none of your wildest dreams are too far fetched.

These dancers are here to entertain you and cater to your whims. Whether you wish to watch beautiful women singing and dancing in and around bathtubs or you are more of a pole dancing aficionado, this is the perfect show for you.

Sexxy’s bevy of beauties also knows just how to tease and flirt with the audience members and they are experts when it comes to knowing how to leave something to the imagination of their onlookers.

With every steamy scene that takes place here, the women of Sexxy are able to draw you in closer and closer. By the time the final curtain drops, you will find yourself lusting for more performances from these skilled women and you just might be wondering how long you are going to have to wait before you can come see and them again.

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