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The Ultimate Shooting Experience in Las Vegas

Prices from $45

The Ultimate Shooting Experiences in the largest indoor Las Vegas shooting range in Nevada. This is one of the best attraction and activity in Las Vegas can only be described as “larger than life,” so we’ve designed and built a gun range that truly delivers the Ultimate Shooting Experience. Located just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, our range offers 16 dedicated shooting lanes – including four custom engineered VIP lanes.

Times and Location

Location: 5999 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Sunday, 10:30am – 7pm

One and Done

Prices From $45

One and Done

The affordable One and Done shooting experience allows you to take your pick of any one firearm from arsenal.
Your choice of any one firearm from our vault.
*All Guns Subject to Availability
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Alien Shooting Experience

Prices From $120

Alien Shooting Experience

Save the planet or maybe just Las Vegas needs to be saved from alien invasion. With you getting to shoot a M4 (25 rounds) which is one of the most popular AR style rifles around, a fully automatic P90 (25 rounds) and a MK23 (10 rounds), the shooting experience you get in Area 51 is sure better than a first person shooter video game.
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Zombie Hunt Shooting Experience

Prices from $140

Zombie Shooting Experience

The Zombie Apocalypse could be around the corner. What better way to be prepared than to experience shooting a fully automatic M4 (25 rounds), 12 gauge shotgun (5 rounds), an AK47 (25 rounds), and a Glock (10 rounds) in the Zombie Hunt shooting experience at The Range 702. With this arsenal, they definitely won’t be eating anymore brains.
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Judgment Day Shooting Experience

Prices From $200

Judgment Day

At this shooting range, you can save the day Terminator Style with the Judgement Day themed shooting lane! Choose between two fully automatic machine guns or two hand guns. Choose 2 pistols from: a 1911 (7 rounds), a Springfield XDM (10 rounds), a Governor (5 rounds), a Glock (10 rounds)
AND 2 fully automatics from: a G36 (25 rounds), an M4 (25 rounds), an MP5 (25 rounds), a P90 (25 rounds), an AK-47 (25 rounds). PLUS THE SAW!
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Black Ops Shooting Experience

Prices From $145

Black Ops

The Black Ops shooting experience comes with high adrenaline rush and a lot of powerful guns that are used by real life black ops teams. You will get a chance to fire full automatic M4, MP5, SAW, and a Glock giving you the experience of a real first person shooter. Firearms include: MP5 (25 Rounds), M4 (25 Rounds), SAW (40 Rounds), Glock (10 Rounds)*All Guns Subject to Availability
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Extreme Shooting Experience VIP

Prices From $450

Extreme VIP

The Extreme experience is a VIP package for those who want the ultimate shooting experience. So get your hands on the sexy MP5SD, fully automatic M4, the powerful SAW, the innovative FS2000 and a 9mm Handgun. As a VIP guest you also get a Range 702 T-Shirt and all access to the VIP suite. MP5SD (50 Rounds), HK 53 (25 Rounds), SAW (40 Rounds), FS2000 (50 Rounds), 9mm Handgun (20 Rounds), and a Range 702 T-Shirt.
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Adrenaline Rush Shooting Experience VIP

Prices From $525

Adrenaline Rush VIP

Do you have that friend you want to share your Ultimate Shooting Experience? Go all in! The M4, AK-47, FS2000, SAW, RPD and a MP5 all in the comfort of our private range provides the perfect shooting experience for two people which might be you and your friend. Lounging in our VIP suite is also available for you and your companion when you are not getting your blood pumping from shooting fully automatic machine guns. FIREARMS INCLUDED: M4 (25 Rounds), AK-47 (25 Rounds), FS2000 (25 Rounds), SAW (40 Rounds), RPD (40 Rounds), MP5 (25 Rounds) and a Range 702 T-Shirt.
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All In Shooting Experience VIP

Prices From $900

All In VIP

You’re looking for things to do Vegas, right? So why not go all in? The ALL IN shooting experience offers you the chance to enjoy some of the most powerful firearms known to man. Whether you’re new to the shooting sports or are a seasoned shooter, you’ll feel the rush of lighting off hundreds of rounds downrange. FIREARMS INCLUDED: M4 (25 Rounds), AK-47 (25 Rounds), SAW (40 Rounds), RPD (40 Rounds), MP5 (25 Rounds)
Thompson (25 Rounds), SCAR (25 Rounds, FS2000 (25 Rounds), P90 (25 Rounds), G36 (25 Rounds), Thureon Defense (25 Rounds), 1911 (7 Rounds), and Desert Eagle (5 Rounds).
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Vary by package. See individual offerings for details. All guns subject to availability.

Need To Know

  • Reserve your experience online
  • Bring a copy of your confirmation (digital copy is ok)
  • Sign our waiver form
  • Put some rounds down range!


Take a tour through the biggest indoor shooting range in the city of Las Vegas.  Additionally, the activities and attractions in Las Vegas are “larger than life,” and that’s why this gun range was built to deliver the real and Ultimate Shooting Experience. This shooting range is also just a few minutes away from Las Vegas Strip, our range provides sixteen dedicated shooting lanes which includes 4 custom made VIP lanes.

So accept this exciting mission with a relative luxury. Firstly, this experience starts by one of our attentive assistants picking you up from the hotel. Secondly, you get to this state-of-the-art and modern facility, you will be greeted by one of our 5-star well-trained service members who is ready to prepare you this journey ahead. Lastly, after the conclusion of all formalities, you will start your assignment. As you are settling into this role, you will also be surprised at how the gamer inside of you will come to life.

So get this feeling and experience the rush you get from a black operations mission! You will also start feeling an adrenaline-rush as you handle and shoot some of the most amazing and powerful guns that were used by the US military, which include the fully automatic M4, MP5, SAW, as well as a 9mm handgun. This will also be a superb “first person” shooting experience that you will never forget in your lifetime.


+ Additional Information
Sober; Alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused the use of the range.
Not Pregnant.
Mentally Stable.
Minors must be at least 10 years of age to shoot, minors under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
Must have valid government approved ID with you on the day of shooting.
We require a deposit or full payment to confirm your reservation.
All reservations are non-refundable but are fully transferable for up to one year from the reservation date.

To talk to a live person call 1-800-VIVA-VEGAS or 800-848-2834.
Email Customer Service with any questions or comments [email protected]

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