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Tournament of Kings | Family Fun Dinner Show

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Tournament of Kings at Excalibur

Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur

is a live-action Las Vegas dinner show that tells the story of King Arthur. Kings and knights interact with the crowd and portray classical fights while you feast on a meal fit for royalty. For families looking for a fun thing to do in Las Vegas, the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur is a must!

Times and Location

Location: King Arthur’s Arena, Excalibur
Show Length: Approximately 75 minutes


The show provides a new spin on the concept of going out to dinner. It provides a great deal of added excitement when knights take to their horses and duel for supremacy.

Arena style seating is available and each section is designed to represent a different country. There are seven different “country” sections, in addition to a “dark knight” section. This is where the minions of the evil Mordred dwell.

Guests are encouraged to cheer for the king, He represents their section as the knights compete with one another and these fierce battles include jousting, horse racing, sword fighting and gladiator battles.

Guests take their seats and receive their first portion, “dragon’s blood” (aka hot tomato soup.) They don’t offer utensils, which serves to add to the authentic medieval feel and patrons must consume their meal with their fingers.

There are a wide range of alcoholic beverages available, as well as soda and juice. A court jester and Merlin introduce three different cheering methods that are designed to drive audience engagement.

Knights in Shining Armor

Once this dynamic duo finishes offering their signature cheer, a drum processional announces King Arthur’s long awaited entrance. From there, they announce the remaining kings and each blazes into the arena on their own horse.

Knights are clad in rich and colorful costumes, and all of the horses have been adorned with bright plumage. As an added bonus, Emmy nominated costume designer Michel Fresnay is responsible for the creation of the ensembles that you will see.

They serve dinner at this time and audiences get roasted Cornish hen, biscuits and steamed vegetables. They lower a round table into the arena’s center during dinner. King Arthur partakes in the feast, along with the other knights.

Sweet pastries are included with dessert and after the court maidens’ song and dance number, knights set their glasses to the side and begin a friendly competition to determine the new king.

Each section is encouraged to voicerfously support their king and audience members embrace their chance to get as loud as possible.

Evil Mordred will appear and audiences must prepare themselves for his attempt to capture the kingdom of King Arthur. A series of action packed battles ensue as the knights attempt to take Mordred down, as fire and smoke fill the arena.

The sparks fly and the swords clash during this classic battle of good and evil. This raucous celebration is suitable for audiences of all ages and one of the best family friendly shows that you can enjoy during your Las Vegas stay.

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