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X Rocks the Show

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X Rocks the Show | Topless Revue

X Rocks the Show | Topless Burlesque

The sexy X Rocks the Show is a topless burlesque show set to some good rock n’ roll music. With the combination of some of the most classic and powerful rock songs in history and erotic choreography, it’s a show you don’t want to miss!

Times and Location

Location: King’s Room, Rio
Show Length: Approximately 75 minutes


“X Rocks” is the perfect show for anyone seeking a combination of gorgeous dancers and iconic, classic rock songs.

The performances that are offered here will capture the hearts of rock and roll fans everywhere. Matt and Angela Stabile are a husband and wife team and they have been creating and producing a series of spectaculars striptease shows on the world famous Las Vegas Strip (as well as the downtown area) for a decade now.

Angela takes the most powerful rock and roll songs and combines them with high energy, erotic atmosphere. This show’s unbelievable sets create an experience unlike any you’ve seen.

“X Rocks” not only features surprises all throughout the show. They also offer a showcase of the stylings of comedian John Bizarre. You may have seen him performing stand up comedy on a number of television shows. For example, he was on “The Tonight Show” and stints on Comedy Central and Showtime.

While he does not take his shirt off, he does offer an interlude that allows you to catch your breath during this very sexy show. When you are looking for the best place to enjoy classic rock with a side of sex appeal, “X Rocks” is the most happening spot in town.

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