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Ride to Work or Play! Top 5 Ways to Experience Vegas on Your Motorcycle

Las Vegas motorcycle tour

Ride to Work Day is Monday, June 17, 2019. On this day commuters are encouraged to choose motorcycles or scooters in lieu of traditional transportation.

If you’re a local, Ride to Work Day is an awesome way to celebrate the benefits of choosing a smaller, more efficient vehicle for your commute. If you’re a tourist, why not choose one of the many motorcycle excursions offered around Las Vegas? Here are the top 5 ways to experience Vegas on a motorcycle!

Motorcycle Tours

One excellent choice for your Las Vegas motorcycle tour is a ride out to Hoover Dam and Techatticup. While most tourists have heard of the magnificent Hoover Dam, many have not heard of the small town of Nelson, Nevada; home of the Techatticup Mine.

Here, you get to experience the Old West almost exactly as it used to be. You can tour the mine, take in the sights, and listen to old stories from tour guides. Afterward, you’ll take another short ride east of Nelson along NV-165 to enjoy views of the Colorado River at Nelson’s Landing. Your next stop will be the O’Callahan-Tillman Bridge and Hoover Dam. Finally, on your way back to Las Vegas, you’ll get to cruise through Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This tour shows you the historical and natural parts of the Las Vegas area and is not to be missed.

Another amazing and fully immersive Las Vegas motorcycle tour experience is the Las Vegas Stay and Play Motorcycle Tour. This turns Ride to Work Day into Ride to Work Week! This tour lasts 6 nights and 5 days. Each night, you will return to your hotel in Las Vegas. You will get to see the Mojave and Great Basin deserts on your bike, as well as the Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, and more. You will ride settler routes, stand in empty ghost towns, see mines, and visit Native American sites. This tour is the absolute best way to experience the Las Vegas southwest.

Want to experience the southwest off-road? Look no further than the Best of the Desert Adventure. This excursion takes you to Death Valley and along the Spanish and Fremont Trails. You’ll stop in Rhyolite ghost town, Beatty, NV, and more.

Motorcycle Appreciation

Want to show your love for motorcycles in a less intense way? Or, perhaps you want to cool off after a long day on the road. Then simply head on down to the Excalibur on the Las Vegas Strip. Here, you can drink and lounge at Octane, a bar themed for those truly passionate about motorcycles. At Octane, they have high-performance motorcycles on display, as well as those that can only be referred to as works of art. Enthusiasts can enjoy a motorcycle-themed drink and dance the evening away.

Scooter Tours

If motorcycles aren’t your thing, choose a tour by scooter! Red Rock Tours offers a fun scooter tour through Red Rock Canyon. You will experience the thirteen-mile scenic loop through the canyons and enjoy views of red rocks, towering sandstone, and breath-taking mountains– all on the back of your scooter.

Ride to Work or Play!

Ride to Work Day reminds motorcyclists to drive safely. It also reminds drivers to share the road with those riding smaller vehicles. So, when you’re out adventuring, or on your Las Vegas motorcycle tour, drive safely and enjoy all that the southwest (and Vegas!) has to offer.

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