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12 Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas You NEED to Visit

Whether you’re a tourist or a Las Vegas local, there are plenty of places to obtain some quality marijuana. With the passage of Question 2 on November 8, 2016, possession and consumption of recreational marijuana (up to 1 oz. flower or ⅛ oz. concentrate) is now legal in the state of Nevada. All you need is to be age 21 or older (unless you are a medical marijuana user, in which case separate rules apply) and to possess a valid ID when purchasing your products. Keep in mind, too, that to stay within the law, you must enjoy your products in a private residence – using cannabis/marijuana products in public could land you in prison and with a hefty fine to pay. Don’t think that a hotel counts as private, either. Most hotels do not welcome smoking weed in any of their rooms.

With that being said, don’t miss these awesome dispensaries in the Las Vegas area.

Las Vegas Releaf

Located near the Strip, Las Vegas Releaf is sure to impress both tourists and locals alike. With a sleek exterior and a professional interior, Releaf has a variety of marijuana products in stock. They carry a wide selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, and their very own, exclusive cannabier, the world’s first cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beer. You can even visit Dana’s Place, their new tasting room, to get a flavor for each cannabier available.

The Dispensary

With excellent loyalty programs and exciting giveaways, The Dispensary has something for everyone. The Dispensary’s knowledgeable and friendly staff will patiently help you pick a product that’s right for you. You’re free to explore their spacious store, or you can order ahead, if you prefer. Whether you’re purchasing edibles or gummies, flower or concentrate, The Dispensary always has good deals no matter when you visit. You’ll even get 100 bonus points for checking in and reviewing them on Yelp!

The Apothecarium

This elegant dispensary has a sophisticated atmosphere that resembles a high-end bank more than a typical marijuana shop. The Apothecarium is a licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensary with helpful staff and an inviting atmosphere, and the sophistication of their decor matches that of their products. With excellent service and tons of events to participate in, The Apothecarium is heavily involved in the Las Vegas community.  

Acres Dispensary

Here is a unique addition to Las Vegas’s list of dispensaries: Acres Dispensary. This special gem of a store cultivates its own plants just 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas. In addition to growing their own product, they also have their own 2,000 square-foot open-view kitchen in which they infuse their own foods with cannabis. Perhaps best of all, they host The Underground: Marijuana Farmers Market in which cultivators, producers, and marijuana vendors can have good conversations and share their products with marijuana enthusiasts. They also offer a well-curated museum of weed where you can see the paraphernalia of yesteryear on the walls.

The Apothecary Shoppe

This dispensary has the unique distinction of being owned and operated by a group of doctors. The Apothecary Shoppe has an old-fashioned, classy atmosphere with staff ready to help in formal attire. In addition, this dispensary is the only one near the Las Vegas Strip that’s open 24/7! Because of this, you can take your time viewing their broad selection of topicals, pre-rolls, accessories, and all other cannabis-related products they offer.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary

One of the best go-to dispensaries in Las Vegas for many in the valley, Essence distinguishes itself with its modern look, attentive staff, and quality products. Essence is the only dispensary located on the Las Vegas Strip. Their award-winning strains bring them a solid, well-known reputation that rivals those of other dispensaries in the Las Vegas area.

The Source

With locations in Las Vegas and in Henderson, The Source dispensaries have a large selection of marijuana products. They neatly organize their flower into value, premium, and superior qualities, so you can rest assured that there will be affordable strains available to you. If you want to go all out, though, the superior strains are the way to go. You can order online or browse their stores in person. Either way, The Source has a rich history as one of the first dispensaries allowed to sell recreational marijuana in Nevada, and it lives up to its name as the source of great marijuana products.


Jardín is known for its tasteful ambiance and stylish decor. Their receptionists greet you with a smile, and this dispensary makes purchasing marijuana seem like a luxurious experience. The staff treat their customers with the utmost care, which you should expect from this kind of dispensary. Medical and recreational users alike are welcome to experience Jardín’s professional services. Whether you’re purchasing caramel CBD edibles or one of their most popular strains of flower, Jardín has something for even the most fastidious consumers.

Reef Dispensaries

Reef Dispensaries have multiple locations in Vegas, other parts of Nevada, and in Arizona. Their stores are open 24/7, 365 days a year, making them the go-to dispensary in Las Vegas for many people. Their stores are large and accommodating, and so is their selection of lab-tested products. They even have a 10% discount for Vegas locals, too, adding on to their great deals they already offer. But that’s not all. Reef Dispensaries are committed to the community just as they are to their customers. They make donations to local charitable organizations and outreach programs, showing that they really do put people first.  

The Grove

One of the most accessible dispensaries in Las Vegas, The Grove is just a few minutes from McCarran International Airport. This dispensary focuses on educating their customers about their products, so you can be sure you will leave the store having made an informed decision on your purchase. Many people visit this dispensary because of its convenient location as well as its quality products and branded merchandise (their hats are especially eye-catching).

Exhale Nevada

The premier Nevada dispensary now has two locations in the Las Vegas area. Exhale Nevada puts heavy emphasis on the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and so its products reflect its goal to help others with alternative medicines. Exhale Nevada’s hosts may even interview you, asking questions pertaining to your symptoms and your conditions. Based on that information, the friendly staff are then able to offer safe, effective strains that will work for you. You can be sure that when visiting this dispensary, you’ll be treated fairly and with respect.


NuLeaf is the last but certainly not the least on our list. Nuleaf’s old-fashioned dispensaries feature checkered floors and old-timey medical relics to give off a 1950s-era vibe. With two locations in Nevada – one in Vegas and one near Lake Tahoe – NuLeaf dispensaries strive to make their customers happy with 20% discounts during their twice-a-day happy hour.

Looking for More Things To Do in Las Vegas?

Once you’ve checked out your dispensaries of choice, what do you plan to do next? Will you also check out a burlesque show? Maybe you’ll check out Cirque du Soleil or eat at a nice restaurant. There’s always plenty to do in Vegas, and if you ever run out of ideas, come back to our website for more information.

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