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From Fried to Filleted: Top 11 Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas

Best sushi in Las Vegas

Sushi is perhaps one of the most important Asian imports to the Western world. This delicious food has cultural and socio-economic impacts across the globe. But the impact that matters above all? The one it leaves on your palate! People all over the nation enjoy the stuff, and Las Vegas has a plethora of sushi restaurants to choose from. Here are 11 places where you can find some of the best sushi in Las Vegas.

Sen of Japan

This hidden gem headed by the renowned Chef Nakano Hiromi features unique dishes in an inviting atmosphere. While not located on the Las Vegas Strip like some of its more popular counterparts, Sen of Japan still seats many people that are happy to make a little longer of a drive. If you’re still not enticed, take note that the establishment offers a Happy Hour menu from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday. While you’re there, check out their 6-7 course omakase specials!


If you want traditionally prepared nigiri/sashimi with fresh fish from the Tokyo bay area, Kabuto-Edomae is the place for you. The employees’ zeal for sushi is a mark of excellence in and of itself. So much so is their ardent love for traditional sushi that they don’t even serve maki (rolls) or hako (boxed) sushi. No, the people at Kabuto-Edomae insist on preparing sushi as it was done 200 years ago in the Edo period: fresh and ready to be eaten as soon as it touches the plate, unrolled and unboxed.


Executive Chef Akira Back takes pride in his Korean heritage—and it shows. His dishes are inspired by Korean culture and cuisines, and he even has his own brand of sake. The modern, chic architecture is sure to reel you in, and sure to make you stay is the exquisite fish, wine, sake, and desserts. Having the privilege of serving many celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Pink, Yellowtail offers a truly remarkable dining experience.


The multifaceted Mizumi experience can be a little overwhelming to approach, for some, because of the versatility the restaurant offers. While the restaurant offers traditional sushi and sashimi, you can also reserve a teppanyaki table for a different style of cuisine. Furthermore, the restaurant allows reservations for more private spaces the al fresco (open air) way. The entire restaurant overflows with lush Japanese flora, and there is even a koi pond and impressive 90-foot waterfall. At Mizumi, both the food and the decor will transport you to the heart of Japan.


Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa has traveled the world, from Lima to Los Angeles. During his travels, he often had to improvise with some of the ingredients he took for granted in his home country of Japan. Thus, the food at Nobu is known for its distinct and expertly executed blend of ingredients from other cultures. Yellowtail with jalapeño and squid “pasta” are just a few examples of the exotic options you can choose from. Find Nobu at the Nobu Hotel in Caesars Palace or at the Virgin Hotel (formerly known as the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino).

Goyemon Sushi Restaurant

Goyemon takes sushi seriously, with its motto, “The best sushi for all people.” This sushi restaurant prides itself in its friendly service, quality food, and affordable pricing. Order à la carte, or get the all-you-can-eat option. Either way, you’ll be pleased. In addition to sushi, Goyemon serves other traditional Japanese dishes for those who are not ready to fully immerse themselves into sushi cuisine. With something for everyone, Goyemon is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Sushi Roku

Sushi Roku blends the finest Japanese, European, and Latin American ingredients to create superb and special meals. With locations in multiple states, Sushi Roku is a hotspot for modern sushi and sashimi. The cosmopolitan destination features non-traditional elements such as jalapeños and olive oil to add some unexpected but delightful texture and flavor to your food. Please your palate with everything from salmon carpaccio to freshwater eel, along with some of the best sushi in Las Vegas.


The Japanese elegance of Morimoto is sure to strike anyone that happens to find it. Beautiful photographs by Yasumichi Morita provide an authentic and captivating atmosphere, and all before even being seated. The true experience begins with the menu. You’ll find exotic and exquisite items designed by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto himself. And with the Iron Chef design comes the Iron Chef quality. Morimoto offers quality sushi, sashimi, many other carefully crafted dishes.

Sushi Takashi

Perhaps the restaurant with the most variety is Sushi Takashi. You’ll find everything from cold dishes to grilled ones, raw to fried, sauteéd to signature, and many more options. Chef Takashi grew up in Hokkaido, Japan, near the ocean. Since his father was a fisherman, Takashi quickly learned a passion for traditional Japanese seafood preparation. He brings his passions to the kitchen, and also to the decor (the walls are lined with wine barrels). Perhaps the highlight of Sushi Takashi is their dollar night specials. Partake in an excellent dining experience for a fraction of the price.

Sushi Hiroyoshi

“The true authentic Japanese cuisine” is the claim of Sushi Hiroyoshi, and one that many would agree with. This isn’t surprising. Chef Hiro-san was trained in Japan and has over 18 years of experience in the sushi industry. He and his wife have lived all over the country, but they’ve finally settled here in Nevada and opened their own restaurant, much to the pleasure of patrons. With a wide selection of bowls, boxes, rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, and all of great quality, it’s no wonder that Sushi Hiroyoshi consistently gets high reviews. But don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself!

Sakana Sushi

While perhaps not as fanciful as some of the other restaurants, Sakana Sushi is known for its all-you-can-eat menu at a reasonable price. Help yourself to nearly everything on the menu, and schedule your reservation ahead of time—the place gets packed quickly. Once seated, though, a multitude of options awaits your perusal, and you can have pretty much anything you like for one set price. From oysters to octopus, sushi to tempura, you’ll leave Sakana with a sated stomach and an ecstatic smile.

Need More Things to Do in Las Vegas?

Once you’ve filled up on sushi, what do you plan on doing next? Perhaps you want to attend a performance such as Burlesque or Cirque du Soleil. Maybe you want to relax the night away and make a purchase at one of Vegas’s many dispensaries

Looking to get your nerd on? You have many options available to you. There’s never a dull moment in Las Vegas, and if you ever need help finding something to do, there are plenty of other ideas on our website to show you how to enjoy your Vegas experience.

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