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5 Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas

It’s officially February, and you know what that means – Valentine’s Day Everything! Red hearts, pink hearts, white hearts, candy, chocolate, wine, and romance. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas, you have countless opportunities to wow (and/or woo) your favorite person. Check out some of our suggestions for a fantastic Val(or gal)entine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Activities

Tour the Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Nothing says love and commercialism like a big ol’ box of chocolates, and Ethel M has you covered. Not only can you shop here for a special something, but bring your significant other with you! You can tour the factory, eat samples, and–did we mention samples? Warm up with some delicious hot cocoa and walk around the cactus gardens, where flowers aren’t the only thing in bloom (awww).

Have Dinner in Paris

Yes, yes, it’s cliche, but Paris is the city of love for a reason, and we’re not going to fight it. If you’re looking to really wow your date, take them to the Restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel and Casino. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal, fantastic company, and a great view. (The sights out the window aren’t bad either.)

Take a Ride on the High Roller

What could be more romantic than sharing a small space with a dozen or so other couples? Ok, when you put it like that… but stick with us. The High Roller offers some of the most amazing views of Las Vegas, especially at night. You can see for miles, and it’s a great way to begin or end an evening.

Ride in a Gondola at The Venetian

No, it’s not quite Venezia, but it is close — and smells infinitely better.  Take your loved one on a private gondola ride around the Venetian canals. Be serenaded with beautiful Italian songs, cuddle up and people watch, or sneak a snog under the Rialto bridge.

Get Hitched Vegas Style

I’m sure when your partner dreamed of their ideal wedding, what they imagined was beautiful clothes, romantic music, and… pancakes? Well, maybe not, but for those who did, you’re in luck. You can get married at Denny’s in Las Vegas for just $99, which includes a pancake breakfast for 2. Now that’s sweet.

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